Buying yourself a hot tub can serve other purposes besides a hangout place for your friends, especially if you’re a diver. According to Jennifer LaRue Huget of the Washington Post:

Olympic Divers

“Why do Olympic divers hop in that hot tub after completing a dive?

I’ve found it amusing to see those sleek divers, male and female alike, climb out of the big pool and lower themselves into the tiny tub nearby. But I was curious to know whether the hot tub provided any particular benefit to the athletes, other than just feeling good.”

Huget then interviewed Professor David Feigley of Rutgers University regarding this habit. Feigley clarified that while dipping in a hot tub after a swim doesn’t necessarily enhance performance, it does have the simple benefit of letting the diver warm up and relax. After all, cold water dripping off the body has its way of making people uncomfortable, especially when they emerge from a pool in the middle of gusty wind chills. It doesn’t help that the pool itself was more than likely very cold to begin with.

For soaking periods, a dive club manager said it may be possible to hit the tub if your next dive is at least 20 minutes away. The period can buy you enough time to de-stress from the first dive and prepare for the next one.

Vancouverites- divers and non-divers alike- will have reasons to soothe their bodies after any strenuous activity, whether sports-related or not. The city boasts a very active outdoor and sporting culture; aside from being the host of the 1954 Commonwealth Games and the 2010 Winter Olympics, the ‘Couv is also home to a number of professional squads and local leagues. If you often find yourself exhausted after a long day of activities, consider approaching vendors of hot tubs in Vancouver like H2O Spas for your needs.

Such hot tubs companies have an array of choices for models that you might want to install. The most prevalent strengths of each model include adequate depth, ergonomic seating, and several water jets to accurately target parts of the body for a muscle massage. However, consider your plans and goals for the system before a consultation with your preferred seller.

If you are transitioning from one activity to the next, taking a dip at a hot tub may be one way to refocus your concentration. Making your choice with the help of Vancouver, BC hot tubs sellers can add up to the value.

(Source: Olympic divers, what’s with the hot tubs?, the Washington Post)

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