Hot tubs for Vancouver homes can be more than just a place to have fun. Hydrotherapy is healing and the great thing about this is that you can use your hot tub in ways that can benefit your health. Cheryl Cole, writing for The Guardian, illustrates how high water temperatures can significantly help relax the body:


Temperature ranges between 37C and 38C are relaxing, soothing and calming to both the mind and body, creating an indulgent, cosseted sensation. Even a 20-minute dip in a deep bath can encourage your stresses to ebb away, your skin to soften and your muscles to relax.

Raising the temperature by just a couple of degrees to between 39C and 40C has a deeply relaxing and sedative effect, but can cause exhaustion if indulged for too long. Immersion should not exceed 15 minutes (five minutes for higher temperatures).

Relaxation isn’t just the only way hydrotherapy can help your body. First, the weightlessness people experience in water can help ease the tension in their muscles. This is because the water eases the weight that your body has to support, making it easier for limbs to move and relax. Moreover, the hot water can encourage the release of endorphins, which help relieve pain.

The increased blood flow encouraged by a warm bath helps in the healing of injured muscles and joints. Regular hydrotherapy can benefit those who suffer from sprain or muscle damage. It also helps improve the body’s immune system, as well as blood circulation—as lymph cells, which collect and get rid of unwanted substance in our blood, gets circulated more efficiently. A strengthened immune system improves the body’s resistance to colds and other illnesses.

Homeowners with hot tubs in Vancouver, BC can perform simple techniques in the comfort of their own home to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy. Some tubs, such as those offered by H2O Spas, have built-in water jets that can simulate a water massage. Indulging yourself on a quiet evening being massaged by warm water jets can be a relaxing way to end the day. Take advantage of all the benefits of hydrotherapy by having a spa tub installed (and enjoyed) in the convenience of your own home.

(Source: Hydrotherapy in your own home, The Guardian, June 6, 2008)

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