There are a lot of things that can help people get some quality rest and relaxation time. Two of these things are driving fast cars and enjoying spa-like experiences in hot tubs. However, it seems there are those who can’t get enough of these things that they decided to combine a car and a hot tub. In a report for The Huffington Post, David Moye chronicled how two engineers have successfully turned a car into a mobile hot tub:

LA Engineers

Two Los Angeles-based engineers are on a race to set the first world record for the fastest hot tub ever, according to Barcroft TV.

It’s been a dream of Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster since 1996 when both were attending McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The two were drinking when they somehow decided turning an old car into the world’s first drivable, fully operational hot tub was a good addition to their bucket list, according to Yahoo! News Canada.

Eight years ago, they purchased a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille for $800 and turned it into a “Carpool DeVille” by removing the seats, filling the interior with water and installing all the mechanics of a customized hot tub.

… The “Carpool DeVille” seats five people and the V8 engine not only propels the car but it heats the water to over 102 degrees.

While the world won’t be seeing another contraption like this anytime soon, people can still enjoy the warmth and relaxing feeling that a long hot bath offers. Leading sexologist Dr. Yvonne Fulbright even pointed out that simply sinking in a warm bath relaxes and brings a person to a kind of high that’s even better than orgasm. Distributor of hot tubs in Vancouver, BC such as H2O Spas can provide homeowners with a selection of bathing fixtures to help them enjoy a quickly-attained relaxing feeling.

Aside from normal baths, homeowners have other options to make their experience in quality Vancouver hot tubs even more enjoyable. They can strategically place hot tubs on places that overlook breathtaking views such as that of the beautiful night sky. They can also make confectionaries, wines, and other scrumptious food items easily accessible during baths.

It will be hard to recreate the kind of satisfaction the Los Angeles-based engineers feel whenever they drive their mobile hot tub, but people can always rely on their hot tubs to get the kind of feeling that truly refreshes them. After all, a quickly attained but longer-lasting relaxation always beats bathing at 70 mph.

(Source: LA Engineers Building Hot Tub Cadillac, The Huffington Post, July 18, 2014)

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