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The Premium Line has all our most popular options included in each spa to provide the ultimate luxury spa experience.


The Banff spa offers seating for 6 bathers. The design’s flexabilty is in the right mix of ergonomic designed arm chair seats and open barrier free bench seating. The result is a spa that feels larger than its dimensions. Each of the deep arm chairs, offer a unique experience due to the varied seat depth and jet placement.

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The Radium spa offers seating for 4-5 bathers. The design focus is on the versatility of the unique double ended lounge. Submerge yourself deep to use the super soft pillow or sit at the shallow end to raise your body out of the water to cool down. Either way, your feet will be perfectly placed to benefit from the soft pulsating jets.

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The Canyon spa offers seating for 6-7 bathers. The design is enhanced by the four large corner arm chair seats that wrap around your body for comfort and support. Each of these seats has sculptured arm rests and targeted muscle massage, most popular of which are the powerful neck and shoulder massaging jets.

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The Niagara spa offers seating for 5-6 bathers. The design offers a large, deep lounge seat that provides total body support. The subtle recline and cur verger of the lounge ensures that your own body locks you into the ideal position to benefit from the full body massage jetting.

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The Vesuvius spa offers seating for 6-7 bathers. The design is focused around the central jetted foot dome. The dome massage targets acupressure points on the underside of the foot, relieving body tension. The dome also acts as a “foot stool” providing a relaxing sitting position or a place to brace yourself whilst the massaging back jets work to relax tense back muscles.

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