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The Comox Traditional Spa

The The Comox spa offers seating for 4 bathers. The small dimensions make it ideal for a balcony or small deck, where all seats are positioned to take full advantage of the view.

comox 520 specifications

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    Seating Capacity 4 adults
    Dimensions 80" x 60" x 35" H / 203cm x 152cm x 89cm H
    Water Capacity 200 gallons / 760 litres
    Weight 550 lbs./250 kg dry; 2,300 lbs./1,045 kg filled
    (All dimensions weight and volumes are approx.)
    Standard Ultimate Luxury Features

    • 20 Therapeutic Black jets
    • 1 x 3hp High Volume Pump
    • Gecko IN.YE Spa Pack with 4kw Heater
    • Full Roxul insulation
    • Marine Grade 4.5" x 2.5" Tapered Vinyl Cover
    • Multi Colour LED Light

    Optional Upgrade Packages

    • Massage Jetting Package
    • Efficiency Package
    • Ambiance Package

    Silver Marble / Sterling Oyster Opal
    OceanWave / Opal Mediterranean Sunset / Tuscan Sun
    Midnight Opal  
    Optional Cabinet Exterior Colours
    Teak    Coastal Grey
    Standard Spa Cover Colours (Custom Colours Are Available)
    Teak    Coastal Grey

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