Relaxing hot tubs from Vancouver dealerships like H2O Spas are valuable additions to most modern homes, especially for homeowners looking to have a nice, warm dip on any given chilly day. However, relaxation is not the only benefit to a hot tub therapy. Tricia Mangan writes about the amazing benefits of heat therapy (soaking in a hot tub) on

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The heat, buoyancy, and massage elements of a hot stub can provide a number of health benefits. People with nagging aches or pains, stiff muscles, circulation problems, headaches, sleep disturbances, and chronic medical conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis may alleviate their symptoms and stimulate healing with hot tub therapy.

The following are more health boons of indulging oneself in a hot tub bath.

Improved sleep – According to the U.S.-based sleep research organization National Sleep Foundation, sleep quality is greatly improved after soaking in hot water as stress and anxiety are relieved. Adding the right amount of your favourite scents to the tub also help facilitate a good “down time” (relaxation before sleep), as pleasant fragrances effectively calm both the mind and body. All this points to a simple premise – more relaxation results to more sleep and a genuinely rested feeling after waking up.

Improved blood circulation – Sitting in the office for eight hours or more each day is sure to take a toll on blood circulation, which can be felt in the form of fatigue, nagging pain, or sometimes, some numbness around certain body areas. According to experts, a nice dip in a comfortable Vancouver hot tub can help improve blood low by causing blood vessels to open and ease up blood pressure. The water’s warmth helps encourage regular blood flow along the pathways.

Easing up Type 2 Diabetes – Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that hot baths can help reduce blood sugar levels. These findings were further strengthened by Dr. Philip Hooper from Loveland, Colorado. In Hooper’s experiment, a group of type 2 diabetics were studied for six weeks and were asked to take 30-minute hot tub dips daily, six days a week. The result was an average blood sugar level reduction of 13 percent among the participants, as well as an 18 percent decrease in their daily insulin dosage.

With these information, a dip in a hot tub is turning out to be the ultimate calming and therapeutic remedy that people have been seeking at the end of the day—more useful and beneficial than most people actually recognize—and above all, more accessible.

(Source: The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs,, December 19, 2009)

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