It’s the fall season, and before you know it, winter has come round the corner. If you’re planning to schedule a regular hot dip to fight off the chills once the cold season is in full force, now is the perfect time to have the hot tub maintenance you’ve been putting off for some time. When the season gets darker and cooler, you may start to regret it if you prolong your tub maintenance tasks any longer.

Your Tub Works

Prioritize your hot tub filters

Your hot tub’s filters are arguably the hardest working components of your tub. They need to be cleaned thoroughly, and that means more than just spraying them with a garden hose. offers a step-by-step guide on how to clean your tub’s filters thoroughly.

Clean Vents and Filters

Extract the cartridge filter from the skimmer. Wipe around the skimmer entrance with a cloth soaked in filter cleaner. Wear gloves for this task.

Soak the filter in a bucket full of water mixed with any recommended filter cleaner to dissolve oils and built-up sediment. Rinse well and set aside.

Use a good-quality cartridge cleaner to remove debris, hair and plant bits from the filter cartridge.

When the pump has emptied the hot tub, vacuum up any remaining water with the shop vacuum cleaner.

After the filters, what next?

It takes more than just cleaning your filters to prepare your tub for the winter. In fact, you’ll need to have the entire system checked by a Vancouver hot tub service professional to ensure your tub will continue to function optimally throughout the winter season. Be sure to do so before the start of the winter season, or be prepared to face the dire consequences.

What if the tub needs to be replaced?

If your tub needs replacement, autumn is the perfect time to have this task done as well. Get in touch with a trusted supplier of hot tubs in Vancouver like H2O Spas to find a new and suitable tub to replace the old one. Modern hot tubs are more efficient and sturdier than ever, so upgrading your tub is sure to give you your money’s worth for many years to come.

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