The City of Vancouver is committed to becoming more environmentally friendly, with its Greenest City initiative helping individuals, as well as the city as a whole, to save energy. How does owning a hot tub fit in with joining the green movement?


Most modern manufacturers of hot tubs understand that users want to enjoy a therapeutic water massage or relaxation with friends and family without worrying about the cost to their wallet, or to the environment. The most obvious area of concern for hot tub owners is the energy used to heat the water.

Modern hot tubs are designed to heat up quickly and retain heat efficiently. By insulating the plumbing system, and recycling the heat energy created by the pump motors, the cost of heating can be kept low. Timers and controllers ensure that you only use as much energy as you require, heating your hot tub as and when you want to use it.

To avoid heat loss and prevent the waste of energy, it is important to cover your hot tub when not in use. Good hot tub insulation is also vital. Modern insulating materials are effective at retaining heat, can be recycled, and also reduce pump noise. In fact,the pump is another area of high energy use. Fortunately, modern manufacturing techniques mean pumps can be designed to produce greater flow using less power for maximum efficiency.

A lit hot tub at night is a cosy, welcoming sight. Using LEDs instead of traditional lamps gives a brighter, cleaner light, saves money and energy, and is safer, too.

Many hot tub owners also worry about the chemicals used to clean their spa. Today’s filtration systems keep the water clean, thereby reducing the need for chemicals. Chlorine and bromine, the most common pool and hot tub sanitisers, break down safely after use, so they won’t damage the environment. Before changing the water in your hot tub, add a product to reduce the sanitiser content. The water can then be safely used to water lawns and plants.

Thanks to the energy saving design and construction of modern spas, you can use and enjoy hot tubs in Vancouver in BC while still contributing to the Greenest City initiative.

Greenest City: A Renewable City,

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